Crackerjack - In a Nutshell

My StoryIn what began several years ago as a part-time 2nd job, soon took off to become what it is today... a full-time and thriving business. My name is Brett Heeney, and yes…this is my full-time job!

Putting my broadcasting and music interests to work, I've been providing entertainment for all types of events for over 15 years now. With my education in business, communications, and broadcasting, I've enjoyed my career as a professional disc jockey.

Running my own small business while being extremely hands-on, definitely has its rewards. I've had the opportunity to meet and work with many great people. Many of whom I have become close friends with over the years. This job has also enabled me to travel all over New England. I've had the pleasure of visiting many cities and towns throughout New England, working at countless breathtaking venues, while taking in some unimaginable and incredible scenery along the way.

With the majority of our work being in the wedding industry, I have the privilege of working with most clients for several months at a time. Because of this, I am truly able to get to know them a bit, while developing somewhat of a unique rapport with each of them. Being a part of my client's vision along with having the opportunity and ability to play such a major role in the outcome of so many memorable events is exactly what provides the drive and enthusiasm I need to continue doing what I do.

With that, I hope to have an opportunity to work with you!

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Cracker Who?